Hello folks at NBC!

I’m Shirley Chan.

I’m a video journalist based in Brooklyn.

I like to make all types of videos from cultural video essays with quick-witted, nuanced angles to short documentaries with sharp, cinematic technique to explainers with a punchy, experimentally creative approach. As a cinematographer by trade and a journalist by heart, I am passionate about covering issues through character-led narratives.

I’m showcasing the projects that reflect my wide skill set that I would bring as a shooter/producer for NBC’s Quibi shows.


HuffPost Personal: Super B*tch
Role: Director, DP

HuffPost Personal: Jeeno Joseph
Role: Director, DP, Producer

HuffPost Reports: Prisoners Unlearn The Toxic Masculinity That Led To Their Incarceration
Role: Director, DP

HuffPost Between the Lines:
Why is Country Music So White?

Role: Director, DP

How To Watch Drag
Role: Producer, DP, Editor