Friends of Sophia (2024) | Sci-fi / Drama | dir. Alden Peters
Forbidden love between an awkward late bloomer and a robot is threatened by vice agents in a not-to-distant sci-fi future inspired by queer history. 
Missile (2023) | Drama | Short | dir. Christopher Hwisu Kim
Alison Cho thinks she's about to die from a missile attack, but can't explain the situation to her mom because her Korean sucks.


Solange Knowles | In Service To Whom (2023) | dir. Solange Knowles, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Four-act performance. 4 feeds. 8 cameras. 10-piece ensemble. 24 screens. 84 minutes.
Second Woman (2019) | dir. Nat Randall and Anna Breckon, Brooklyn Academy of Music
One woman. 100 men. 24 hours. Starring Alia Shawkat.